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Advanced search

In Diarly, the search option shows results from all your journals, and by using special keywords and quotes "" you can make your search more accurate.

Special Keywords

Advanced Search

If you want to have an exact match, you can use double-quotes, like this: "wonderful Monday".

If you use #, the keyword search will suggest all the tags used in all journals.

Diarly also supports following extra keywords starting with @

  • @files — shows entries with at least one file (excluding images)
  • @images — shows entries with at least one image
  • @todo — shows entries with checklists
  • @starred — shows starred entries
  • @links — shows entries with links
  • @note — shows notes, timeline entries are hidden
  • @tagged - shows entries with at least one tag
  • @untagged - shows entries without tags
  • @onThisDay - shows timeline entries written on the same day, or notes created on the same day.

Filtering by Journal

You can filter the search option to just one journal. If you start typing with / Diarly will display suggestions with all available journals to filter.

Using Quotes for exact match

When a search includes multiple words, like wonderful Monday, the results will include entries that have both words (but not necessarily in the determined order). For example, the phrase On Monday, a wonderful tabby cat visited me.

To search for an exact phrase, you can add double quotes ("") around your search, like so: "wonderful Monday". In this case, the phrase This wonderful Monday morning would be matched.

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