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Advanced search

Search can be found in top left of the sidebar. It works across all the journals. You can start searching when pressing cmd-shift-f.

Special Keywords

To search for tags, type # and all the tags used in all journals will be suggested.

Diarly also supports the following keywords:

  • @files — shows entries with at least one file (excluding images)
  • @images — shows entries with at least one image
  • @todo — shows entries with uncompleted tasks
  • @starred — shows entries with an emoji selected (see mood tracker)
  • @links — shows entries with links
  • @note — shows all notes in all journals. Timeline entries are hidden
  • @tagged - shows entries with at least one tag
  • @untagged - shows entries without tags
  • @onThisDay - shows timeline entries written on the same day of different years, or notes created on the same day of different years.
  • @date(2020) - shows entries from year 2020
  • @date(01-2020) - shows entries from January 2020
  • @date(01-2020) - shows entries from January 2020
  • @date.from(2010) @date.to(2020) will show entries from the start of a year 2010, until the end of 2020

Filtering by journal

You can filter the search option to just one journal. Start typing with /, Diarly will display suggestions with all available journals to filter.

Using quotes for exact match

When a search includes multiple words, like wonderful Monday morning, the results will include entries that have both words (but not necessarily in the determined order). For example, the phrase On Monday, a wonderful tabby cat visited me in the morning.

To search for an exact phrase, you can add double quotes ("") around your search, like so: "wonderful Monday morning". In this case, the phrase This wonderful Monday morning would be matched.

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