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How to import notes

On Mac, you can find available importers under MenuBar > File > Import.

On iOS, you can find import under Settings > Import

When importing, you will be shown additional information about which entries will be imported. If you are happy with the structure, just press the import button. Multiple entries for the same day will be merged into one, using time separators.

Exporting to markdown allows you to create backups that you can easily import later.

Currently, the app supports the following importers:


A zip archive containing .md files. You can check the structure of valid import files by viewing how Diarly exports your entries.


Other apps and formats

  • MacJournal (.rtf or .txt).
  • Journey (.zip)
  • Momento
  • WD: Mike Terhar was so kind to write a WD importer.
  • CSV: Timothy Miller also created a CSV importer.
How to export notes