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What are notes?

Your journal is composed of entries which all have a date. They can be seen in the timeline and calendar, and present a linear story through time, of your experiences, personal growth, or whatever you use your journal for.

In contrast, notes are entries that don't have a date associated, and are meant for information that you want to revisit and that isn't related to a specific time. Each journal has space for both entries and notes.

To access notes, toggle the Timeline / Notes selector at the top of the timeline.

Diarly timeline notes selector

Notes are a great place to store information that you want to keep handy. Here are some use cases that people have shared with us:

  • Managing different projects from start to completion
  • Recipes
  • Collections of related thoughts or ideas
  • Web clipping for research — saving the contents of a webpage to look back on later
  • Affirmations
  • Alternative journaling prompts
  • Brainstorming about different subjects

Do you have a different use case for notes that you think would inspire others? Let us know on social media! We love learning how different people use Diarly to suit their needs.

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