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Supported Markdown Syntax

Diarly uses special characters to indicate the formatting of the text. This is known as markdown - using special characters in your entry allows Diarly to store everything in plain text.

Some of the characters modify the line, others only part of the text.

Line modifiers

Line modifiers always start as the first characters of the new line followed by white space. Diarly supports the following line modifiers:

  • Headers - there are four levels: # ## ### and ####

  • * List item

  • > Quotations

  • [] Checklist item

  • [x] Completed Checklist item

You access the modifiers list by clicking on checklist item to select/unselect the item.

Lists and checklists can be nested - you can use cmd [ and cmd - ] to pick level.

In-line text modifiers

Those are **Bold**, *Italic*, __Underline__ ::highlighted:: ~striketrough~ and `code` You can use them anywhere in the text, not just at the start of the line.

Diarly - Markdown

Links and rich Media

You can create links to websites using the following format:

[Link to Amazing Website](http://amazing-website.com)

You can also select the text you want to convert into a link and past the link.

What is typewriter mode?