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Diarly Integration with Siri Shortcuts

Hey Siri, what can Diarly do?

If you tell Siri to "make note in Diarly", Siri will ask you about the content and will append the text to today's note in the default journal next time you start Diarly.

Siri can also understand:

  • "Make note in Diary"
  • "Make note in Journal"
  • "Crate note in Diary"

What are Siri Shortcuts?

Using the Shortcuts app, you can teach Siri to react to different phrases. With Shortcuts, Apple has opened Siri for your own customizations, or automations, called Shortcuts.

For example, you can create a shortcut that asks you how you feel every day at 10PM, and adds your answer to today's entry.

The name of the shortuct is very important, since it's the phrase that you will tell Siri to start the Shortcut.

Make a Siri create a new note in "Exercises" journal when you say "New Note"

Prerequisites: Install Shortcuts, and create a journal in Diarly called "Exercises".

  1. Open Shortcuts and click on the + button to create new Shortcut.
  2. Name the Shortcut something like "New note". The name of the Shortcut is the phrase that you say to Siri to start the Shortcut.
  3. Select "Add Action", find Diarly and pick "Add text to a daily note".
  4. Select the "Text" and pick "Ask Each Time".
  5. In the Journal selector, pick Choose and select the journal "Exercises".
Siri New Note Shortcut

Now close Diarly and say "Hey Siri, new note" to see your Shortcut run. Next time you open Diarly and go to Exercises, you will find the content in today's entry 🎉

What else can you do?

The "Add text to a daily note" action allows you to append text to any daily note in any journal, allowing you to select the date and journal. If you enable time separators, the text you add to Diarly will contain the timestamp.

The "Attachments" field allow you to pass files into the entry. For example, you could create a Shortcut to take a photo and pass it to your Memories journal.

Let us know if you would like to see more actions!

Shortcuts created by our awesome users:

Now Playing 🎧 You can run this shortcut from Apple Music, it will send to Diarly name and artist of the song that you are currently listening to.

Clipboard to Diarly Found something you want to save to Diarly? Just copy it to the clipboard and run this shortcut, and the content will be added to today’s entry.