Most of the features in Diarly are free, but to have access to all options, you will have to purchase a subscription. The subscription cost is about 15$ a year in the USA. Exact price varies in each country, but will be displayed to you before you start a 7 day trial.

Table below compares the features. Premium means you have an active subscription.

Basic Themes
Light and Dark
Add your own images, drawings, emoji's, heading labels and website links. Add and play videos and voice messages.
Check off your accomplished goals with useful Checklists.
Create thought-cue templates to kickstart your writing entries or use or pre-sets.
Customize and resize the font to suit your needs and save to favorites.
Customize the built-in spelling and grammar checker to your preferences.
Dictate your written entries for quick, handsfree journaling.
Export to Markdown for minimalist writing without formatting.
Filter and find your ideas with your own hashtags, lists or tags.
Import entries from other journaling apps to make Diarly your new home.
Basic Export
Export your entries to plain text format. This allows you to backup and edit them easily.
Jump between past entries with ease using the Calendar tool.
Pinpoint your memories by location with Map View.
File Import
Keep your important files in one place by importing them directly into your entries.
Word Finder
Locate untagged thoughts in a list using the handy Word Finder tool.
Text Enhancement
Sort your ideas with bullet points, line separators, symbols, and highlighted text.
Use built-in sketch tool to make your own drawings
Time Separators
Use Time Separators to create a distinction between multiple daily entries.
Weather and Location in Templates
Use the automatic weather and location feature in your template.
Goal Tracking
Track your daily writing goals with word and character counts and targets.
Encryption and Password Protection
Secure your ideas with encryption and password protection.
Access your notes on multiple devices, with seamless, secure sync via iCloud.
Advanced Themes
Personalize your journaling experience with over 100 beautiful custom themes.
View statistics on your writing achievements over the last 90 days or more.
Unlimited Journals
Create and categorize unlimited journals that open in separate interfaces.
Custom Themes
Create and import your own design themes (tutorial available)
Export your journals to PDF, RichText or Print