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Diarly makes it easy to capture your thoughts and reflect on your life. With unlimited entries, media, and multiple views, you'll be able to organize your journaling like never before. And with our premium version, you can unlock even more.

Password and

Cross-device sync

Unlimited journals

Advanced themes

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Download on the App Store
Download on the App Store
Unlimited entries
Write daily entries and notes with no limits, anytime and anywhere, in one journal.
Unlimited media
Add images, videos, files, drawings, emojis, headings, links, voice recordings, transcriptions, and more.
Unlimited journals
Organize and categorize multiple journals tailored to your unique journaling goals. The free version includes one journal.
Free apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Download the apps from the App Store.
Join the Diarly community and stay inspired with the blog, Reddit, Instagram, X, and Facebook.
Customer Support
Reach out through the app, via email, or social media, and we'll help with what you need.


Password protection
Keep your journals locked with password protection.
Cross-device sync
Access your notes on multiple devices, with seamless, secure sync via iCloud. One subscription works across all your devices.
Secure your thoughts and ideas with end-to-end password encryption.
Use TouchID and FaceID for enhanced journal security.
Import unlimited entries easily from other journaling apps to make Diarly your new home.
Export and backup
Export your entries to markdown for easy backups and editable files. No "vendor lock-in".
Offline access
Access and edit your journals without an internet connection.

Advanced Features

Advanced stats
Gain insights into your writing progress over the past 90 days or more.
Advanced export
Export journals to PDF, Rich Text, or print directly from the app.
Advanced Themes
Customize your journaling experience with our stunning themes, or create your own.
Audio Recordings
Record and embed audio notes within your entries effortlessly.
Audio Transcription
Automatically transcribe your audio notes.
AI Assistant
Get support from the AI assistant by simply typing /ask
Advanced search
Locate thoughts and memories using the handy word finder tool. Filter through entries with advanced search labels.


Basic stats
View statistics on your writing achievements over the last 30 days.
Goal tracking
Track yourwriting achievements over the last 30 days.
Custom reminders
Receive personalized reminders to maintain your writing routine.
Keep the habit going by maintaining a streak.
On this day
Look back at memories from previous years.
Auto save
Diarly automatically saves your writing.
Integrate with Health App
Import your activity from the Health App.


Custom tags
Filter and find your ideas with your own hashtags.
Jump between past and future entries with ease using the calendar.
Pinpoint your memories by location with the map view.
Glance over all your attached images and videos in the gallery.
Light and dark themes
Access light and dark themes, and automatic theme-switching with your MacOS / iOS settings.
Events, location, and weather
Automatically insert calendar events, location, and weather.
Custom Prompts
Create thought-cue templates to kickstart your writing entries, or choose from a list of recommended prompts, like "What am I grateful for?"


File Import
Keep your important files in one place by importing them directly into your entries.
Insert drawings or hand-written notes with the Apple Pencil or with your finger, using the built-in sketch tool.
Customize and resize the typography to suit your needs. Change font size, font family, line width and height, image size, etc.
Full screen writing mode
Enjoy writing without distractions with full-screen, zen writing mode.
Voice-to-text dictation
Dictate your written entries for quick, hands-free journaling.
Markdown editing
Write using Markdown for minimalist, practical, and fast writing. Import and export easily.
Make lists and check off accomplished goals with useful checklists.
Customize the built-in spelling and grammar checker to your preferences.
Time Separators
Easily insert the current time, or custom time, into your entries. Use time separators to create a distinction between multiple daily entries.
Text Enhancement
Sort your ideas with advanced bullet lists, numbered lists, checklists, line separators, symbols, and bold, italic, and highlighted text.

With Diarly Premium, your journals sync automatically across your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Write anywhere, securely.

Get started with a 7-day free trial. Then, keep your subscription for less than $2 per month.*

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* Less than $24 per year in the United States, when using new user's discount offered on the first run. Price may vary slightly in other countries and currencies.