Diarly 2023 feature roadmap

In 2023, we're excited to level up your journaling experience with Diarly by introducing 12 high-impact features. We'll be rolling out one major update every month, along with routine fixes and performance enhancements. Below is a categorized overview of the feature releases we're committed to this year.

πŸŽ‰ Already Rolled Out

πŸ“Έ January: Enhanced images & attachments

Diarly version 2.5.12

Add captions to your images to make your journal entries both informative and meaningful.

Image Captioning in Diarly

πŸ“ February: Editor upgrades

Diarly version 2.5.14

Inserting a link is now more than just text β€” enjoy rich previews from websites, YouTube, and Twitter.

Rich Link Embedding in Diarly

πŸŽ™ March: Audio recording improvements

Diarly version 2.6.0

Elevate your entries with audio transcriptions and capture additional metadata like time and location.

πŸ“Š April: Tables in editor

Diarly version 2.6.6

Intuitive tables to neatly organize your notes, inspired by Apple Notes.

🎨 May & June: UI revamp & new sidebar

Diarly version 2.6.9

Experience a fresh Diarly interface with an improved sidebar, elegant design, and enhanced color scheme.

πŸ–Ό July: Gallery enhancements

Diarly version 2.6.13

Gain more control over your gallery with personalized navigation and month-based sections.

πŸ“ˆ October: Stats & trends view

Diarly version 2.6.16

Unlock deeper insights into your journaling habits with our revamped Stats. For more details, visit our Statistics Guide.

⏳ In progress

  • πŸ“± Widgets: Diarly widgets like Streaks, Stats, and Calendar View for your iOS Home Screen.

πŸš€ Upcoming features

  • 🌈 Easier tracking: Customizable mood and activity tracking options.
  • πŸ“ More templates: Structured templates to enrich your daily journaling.
  • πŸ’¬ Views & managing highlights: Access quotes, affirmations, and highlights effortlessly.
  • πŸ“… Custom prompts: Daily prompts aligned with your weekly goals.

New features will initially roll out to our beta testing community for quality assurance.

🌟 Get early access: Join our beta testing community!