2023 Roadmap

Our new year’s resolution for 2023 is to focus our effort on the product and add 12 amazing new highly requested features that are doable with the limited resources we have. We plan to release one big feature per month, plus of course any other small improvements and maintenance changes needed to make Diarly run flawlessly on your devices.

Here are the 12 features we are committed to release this year (the order might change).

Completed & In Progress

January: Improve Images & Attachments

Add captions below the images. This was completed in Diarly version 2.5.12!

We hope you like this change! Click on the menu of any photo or file, and select "Add a caption".

Adding a caption to a photo in Diarly

February: Improve Editor

Improve the Editor with previews of websites, YouTube, Twitter, etc. This is quite a popular thing in social media — if you insert a link, you will be asked if you want to show the preview too. This makes it much easier to find a link later.

This was completed in Diarly version 2.5.14!

Link embeds in Diarly

March: Improve Audio Recordings

We would like you to be able to get audio transcriptions, as well as include more information like at what time it was recorded, and where (if location services are allowed).

April: Improve Editor with Tables

This will be great addition to your notes, and we’ve had several users request this. We would like to base it on how tables work in Apple Notes, a simple way of adding a few rows and columns without over-complicating.

May & June: New Sidebar and UI makeover

By far one of the biggest changes to the UI in Diarly's history, this update brings a brand new sidebar, a stylish makeover, smoother navigation, and improved colors in all themes.

July: Improved search

Search and filtering has moved into the new sidebar, with easier access to more powerful capabilities.


  • More Widgets. We would like you to be able to add Diarly widgets to your Home Screen on iOS devices. Based on your suggestions it could be Streaks, Stats, or Calendar View.
  • Yearly Summary. This is really an iteration over Diarly’s current Stats. We feel there is more room to improve, and would like to visually display your previous month or year instead of simply showing one graph.
  • Easier Tracking. Diarly now allows you to assign an emoji to each entry, which can be useful for the mood tracking, but there is much more we could do. Our idea is to allow you to define more properties that you could track per note. This still needs more thinking and designing but we believe it’s perfect addition to a daily diary — together with Health, Activities, Journaling Time, and number of completed tasks per day.
  • More Templates. Templates are awesome tool to organize your entries, notes, and thought processes. We would like you to be able to create more templates, and whenever you create a note or daily entry, easily be able to insert it.
  • Views & Managing Highlights. An easier way to glance over your quotes, affirmations, and highlights easily. We would like you to be able to see all the highlights, similarly as to how Kindle does with books. We would like to allow you to create your own quotes/affirmations library, and possibly use it in your prompts too.
  • Prompts. Allow choosing a different prompt per day. Many of you (and us too) use a weekly cycle for personal goals, so it would be awesome to be able to specify a different prompt for the start of the week, and different prompts for weekdays. All we need is to design a user-friendly, simple UI to allow you to change it on daily basis.
  • Improve Watch. Similarly to Widgets, we want you to be able to quickly get a glance on your progress.
  • Improve Gallery. We want to make sure the gallery is not too cluttered, add options to filter the content, and allow some images be ignored from the gallery.

We are going to discuss each feature, and release it to beta testing so that we know it is working as you would expect.

Would you like to try out features early? Join us for beta testing, and help us shape the future of Diarly!

Do you have any ideas for these features? Is there anything you'd love to see in our 2024 roadmap? Please reach out if you have any comments! Your feedback is our most valuable resource. ❤️