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Write anywhere

Bring your journals wherever you go with Diarly apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac and a secure cross-device sync via iCloud.

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Be secure

Record your moments, memories and reflections and secure them behind powerful encryption and password protection.

Embrace simplicity

Enjoy a streamlined and distraction-free writing experience with a simple user interface using in-built Markdown editor.

Build routine

Create good writing habits with custom milestones and word count targets. Use writing statistics to see how you perform over time.

Express yourself

Customize your journals and entries with themes, fonts and templates, and enrich them with links, photos, emojis and map locations.

Save time

Star your favorite posts and create unique hashtags to group similar themes. Find entries fast using the in-built calendar view, map view, and lists.

Users love Diarly


I was looking for a simple yet elegent paltform that extended to all of my apple devices. After testing out this program, it was clear to me that I found what I was looking for. I would defintiely recommend it.

by ExolugiaSep 15, 2019

All the Journaling Features You Need...

All the features you need for journaling and none you don't. Simple and to the point. Available on iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS. At a reasonible price. The developer get's what makes a visually stunning, feature complete one purpose app. I'll continue to support them.

by Ken DisbrowOct 4, 2019

Just what I needed...

I was looking for a minimalist journal app, and this one is working great. I checked out a few others in the App Store, but their interfaces all looked too cluttered and busy. My goal is to write down a few takeaways each day in my personal life, and in my work life.This app is just what I needed.

by NosadgeDec 17, 2019

Useful and motivational

This app helps me keep track of my memories and goals throughout the year. Highly recommend if anyone is seeking a more organized memorable way of life!

by Jazzyjay0204May 31, 2019

Features at a glance

  • Write in plain text using the advanced Markdown editor.
  • Compose your diary entries on Mac, iPhone and iPad apps.
  • Powerful encryption and password protection.
  • Sync seamlessly and securely via iCloud.
  • Import entries from other journaling apps.
  • Add in-line rich media with photos, emojis, files and links.
  • Find your entries using star favourites and hashtags.
  • Keep your diary and notes in one place
  • Import and export to Markdown to back up your entries.
  • Add word count targets and writing statistics.
  • Multiple journals allow multiple entries for the same day.
  • Custom themes, text sizes and fonts.
  • Type writing mode pins the cursor pinned to the middle of the screen while writing.
  • Find a specific date, place or topic with in-built calendar, lists and map.
  • Add and play audio and video directly in your posts.