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Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Journaling made easy

Diarly is built for the best journaling experience.
With every feature you will need and a beautiful interface,
starting a journal has never been so simple.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Look back at your life

Use the built-in gallery and map views to look back through your adventures.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Organize what matters

Timeline, notes and calendar views make it easy to scroll through time and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Make it personal

Customize your journals and entries with dozens of light and dark themes, fonts and custom templates.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Build the habit

Use writing statistics to see how you perform over time.
Create good writing habits with custom milestones and word count targets.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Always with you

Bring your journals wherever you go with Diarly apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, And Apple Watch.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Powerfully simple

Enjoy a streamlined and distraction-free writing experience with a simple user interface using built-in Markdown editor.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Create without limitations

Enrich your journals with photos, galleries, videos, files, emojis, links, map locations, colorful tags, mood tracker, and so much more.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Keep your data private

Secure your moments, memories and reflections behind powerful encryption and password protection.
Use biometric unlocking on compatible devices.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Features at a glance

  • Compose your diary entries on iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple Watch.
  • Write in plain text using the advanced Markdown editor.
  • Watch your daily progression with Mood Tracker.
  • Protect your thoughts and ideas with powerful Encryption and Password Protection.
  • Switch seamlessly between devices securely with Sync via iCloud.
  • Import existing journals or texts from other apps.
  • Label your thoughts with colorful Tags.
  • Stay on top of it all with time-based diary and content-based notes in the same journal.
  • Achieve your objectives through time using Writing Goals.
  • Track your progress with insightful Stats.
  • Export and Backup your entries safely.
  • Unravel different areas of your life with Multiple Journals.
  • Establish a powerful habit with Custom Notifications.
  • Customize your journaling experience with dozens of light and dark Themes.
  • Personalize reading and writing with powerful text formatting.
  • Stay centered by enabling Typewriting mode.
  • Travel through time with the Calendar view.
  • Follow your experiences by looking at the Map view.
  • Scroll over your memories on the Timeline view.
  • Keep an eye on your adventures with the Gallery view.
  • Narrate your story with Audio Recordings.
  • Find everything with the robust Advanced Search.