Journaling Prompts: 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Day

Guest post by Darius Foroux02 August, 2021

After all these years of research into personal development and achievement, my go-to tool is the journal. I haven’t found anything more effective at measuring, managing, and improving your life and career. These prompts are very simple, and that’s what makes them so effective. By regularly asking yourself the same questions, you get a good idea of how you respond during different situations.

Don't abandon your pandemic journal yet: Recording reemergence

By Lauren Harkawik10 May, 2021

In 2020, pandemic journals were a big topic of discussion, with historians urging people to record their feelings, experiences, and impressions throughout the pandemic. Now, as many prepare to emerge from a life of relative calm during the pandemic, some may wonder whether there’s still value in writing in their pandemic journal. The short answer is, yes.