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How to add widgets

Widgets by Diarly offer a unique way to personalize your home screen or desktop, showcasing your journal entries, favorite quotes, and writing streaks. These widgets are designed to integrate seamlessly into your journaling routine on both iOS and Mac devices. Follow our step-by-step guide for adding widgets to your device, referencing Apple's official support for adding widgets on iOS and adding widgets on Mac.

Quote widget

The Quote widget brings your favorite quotes from Diarly to your device's forefront, rotating through your selected journal entries for constant inspiration.

How to add and customize Quotes

  • Creating Quotes: To mark a line as a quote in Diarly, start it with a > symbol. For added emphasis, use multiple levels such as >, >>, or >>> for different quote depths.
  • Selecting Journals for Display: Customize your widget display by long-pressing the widget and choosing the journal from which quotes are displayed.
  • Widget Interaction: Tap the widget to open Diarly and directly add the displayed quote to today's journal entry.

For additional guidance on quote formatting, refer to Diarly's formatting guide.

Streak widget

The Streak widget is designed to motivate your writing by displaying your current journaling streak, encouraging daily journaling habits.

Monitoring your writing streak

  • Automatic Updates: The widget refreshes to show your latest writing streak, motivating you to keep up with your journaling practice.

This guide aims to help you effortlessly integrate Diarly's widgets into your daily routine, enhancing your journaling experience.