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How to add time separators and time stamps

Time separators in Diarly are more than just horizontal lines; they're organizational tools that visually separate your journal entries and display the time they were created. Alongside time separators, you can also insert the current time and date, which can be incredibly useful for organizing your day or planning activities.

Adding time separators

Adding time separators in Diarly is simple and can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Use the Slash Command: Type /time-separator and hit enter.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: On Mac, use ⌘⇧T (Command Shift T) for quick insertion. Explore more shortcuts in our keyboard shortcuts guide.
  • On iOS: Tap the time icon in the keyboard toolbar.
  • On Mac: Go to Format > Insert > Time Separator in the menu bar.

Inserting current time and date

In addition to time separators, you can insert the current time and date into your entries:

  • Type /time to insert the current time.
  • Use /date to add the current date.

Unlike time separators, these inserts do not include a horizontal line, offering a subtler way to mark time in your entries.

Using time separators in prompts

Time separators can also be incorporated into your daily prompts, allowing you to organize your responses or thoughts within the prompt structure.

Creating multiple entries per day

While Diarly typically supports one entry per day, if you have an existing entry for the day, clicking the 'New Entry' button will add a time separator at the end of the current entry. This feature is handy for adding distinct updates or notes within the same day.

Time separators, along with time and date stamps, offer enhanced ways to structure and organize your journal entries in Diarly. Whether you're reflecting on your day, jotting down ideas, or keeping track of events, these tools help you clearly delineate and timestamp different parts of your entries.