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How to add time separators

Time separators are handy horizontal rules that show the time when they were created. The time inside can be changed as well, for useful day planning or organization. When importing events from the calendar automatically in the Daily Prompt, time separators are used to differentiate between the events.

On Mac, you can add a time separator from the Menu Bar under Format > Insert > Time Separator, or use the shortcut ⌘^T (command control T).

You can also use the shortcut ⌘N or press the new note button in the list view. If an entry already exists today, this will add a time separator at the end of the entry. Otherwise, a new entry will be created with the daily prompt.

On iOS, the time separator is available from the keyboard toolbar, using the time icon .

On both platforms, you can start typing /time-separator and hit enter to add a time separator.