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How to enable password protection

Password-protection and encryption is only available to Diarly Premium users.

To ensure the security of your journal, Diarly provides password-protection. Adding a password automatically enables encryption for all the text in your journals.

You can activate it by going to Settings:

On Mac, go to Menu Bar > Diarly > Preferences or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘,. On iOS, go to Settings on the sidebar, under the settings icon .

Then, go to Sync & Security and enable Encrypt Entries with Password.

Write your password and confirm it. It's also required to write a hunt, in case you forget your password.

We recommend writing your password down in a special place, such as a meaningful page in a favorite book, or a password manager app. You can alternatively use a passphrase, which might be easier to remember.

If you forget your password, it cannot be reset or recovered. For increased privacy and security, we have made it impossible for anyone, including us in the Diarly team, to unlock your journal without the password. We recommend writing it down somewhere where you can access it in distant future.

For more information about encryption, please visit the Security Overview.

How to enable encryption
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