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Forgot password

The option of recovering the forgotten password for your entries is unavailable, therefore, in such situation, you might try the following:

  • Try entering the password at least 3 times, as then so Diarly will display tip which you set when setting the password.
  • Try using any other passwords that you may have
  • Try recalling if you used numbers, letters, names
  • Check if you might have written down the password

If you don't remember the password

You can only recover attachments by opening following directory:

~/Library/Containers/com.pureformstudio.diaryOSX/Data/Library/Application\ Support/com.pureformstudio.diaryOSX/data

To be able to use the app again, please go to `Diarly > Help > Contact" - there is a link to remove all Data from Local Machine and iCloud.

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