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Mood tracker

The mood tracker in Diarly allows you to visually represent your day, offering a unique way to look back through dates on your calendar. Whether you're using it daily to observe visual progress over time or for highlighting special occasions like birthdays, mood tracker adds a personal touch to your diary entries.

Adding a mood to an entry from the toolbar

How to use the mood tracker

From the toolbar

  1. Access the mood tracker: Locate the star icon on the toolbar next to the date. This is your gateway to the mood tracker feature.
  2. Select your mood: Click on the star icon. A drop-down menu will appear, displaying a variety of emojis. Choose an emoji that best represents your mood for the day.

From the sidebar

  1. Find the entry: Navigate to the sidebar where your entries are listed in the timeline.
  2. Use the mood tracker: Click on the star icon next to any entry. Just like before, a drop-down with emojis will show up for you to select your mood.

How to remove a mood

If you wish to remove a previously selected mood emoji from a day, simply click on the 'Remove' option. This will erase the mood emoji from that specific day, allowing you to update or leave it blank as per your preference.

The mood tracker is a simple yet effective way to add an emotional dimension to your diary entries in Diarly. Whether it's a regular day or a special moment, the mood tracker helps you capture and remember how you felt on any given day. Give it a try and see how it transforms your journaling experience!