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How to record, transcribe, and dictate notes

Recording audio notes in Diarly adds a dynamic layer to your journaling experience. Whether you're using an Apple Watch or directly inputting into the editor, Diarly's seamless integration makes audio recording straightforward and accessible.

How to Record an Audio Note in Diarly

To start recording, you have a few options depending on your device:

  • Using Slash Commands: On any platform, you can use the slash command by typing /insert audio.
  • On iOS: When editing a text entry in Diarly for iOS, tap the sketch icon above the keyboard.
  • On Mac: Go to the menu bar, choose Format > Insert Audio Recording, or use the shortcut ⌘⇧A (Command Shift A).

Transcribing Audio Notes

After recording an audio note, you can easily transcribe it:

  1. Tap the menu icon in the top right of the audio note.
  2. Select "Add transcription to entry".

The transcription will appear below your entry, keeping the original audio intact.

Using Apple Dictation for Text Input

In addition to audio recordings, Diarly supports Apple Dictation for text input, allowing you to dictate your journal entries.

  • On iOS: Tap the microphone icon on the iOS keyboard to start dictating. Your spoken words will be converted into text in your entry.
  • On Mac: Choose Format > Start Dictation from the menu bar to begin dictating directly into your Diarly entry.

By incorporating these audio features, Diarly ensures your journaling is as versatile and user-friendly as possible.