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How to use slash commands

Slash commands in Diarly offer a quick and efficient way to insert a wide range of elements into your journal entries. From headings to lists, and even special features like weather updates and daily prompts, these commands enhance your journaling experience.

Slash commands

To access the slash commands menu:

  • Type / on your keyboard.
  • Alternatively, click on the Slash icon.

Available commands

Here's a list of what you can insert using slash commands:

  • Basic Formatting

    • Heading 1
    • Heading 2
    • Heading 3
    • Heading 4
    • Quote
    • List
    • Ordered List
  • Productivity Tools

    • Checklist
    • Uncompleted tasks
    • Calendar events
  • Time and Location

    • Current time
    • Current date
    • Weather
    • Current location
    • Lookup location
  • Multimedia and Links

    • Audio note
    • Image
    • Table
    • File
    • Hyperlink
  • iPhone Health App Integration

    • Steps count
    • Workouts duration
    • Workouts distance
    • Activity summary

    On your iPhone, you can also import data from the Health App.

  • Special Features

    • Daily prompt
    • Daily Affirmation
    • Advice for Today
    • Ask AI assistant

Using a command

To insert a command:

  1. Click on the desired command.
  2. Alternatively, use the arrow keys to select a command and press Enter.

Enhance your journaling experience by utilizing these slash commands to quickly add useful elements to your entries.