Diarly feature roadmap

Welcome to our feature roadmap, your comprehensive guide to Diarly's development journey. Here, you'll find a list of features currently under development, exciting plans on the horizon, as well as recently implemented features. Explore the evolution of Diarly, track our progress, and stay informed about upcoming enhancements that aim to enrich your experience. Find out how you can get early access to upcoming features and help shape the future of Diarly!

Upcoming Features πŸš€

  • Expanded Widget Selection: Today, On This Day
  • iOS App Redesign

We engage our users in the design process. If you want to suggest improvements or give feedback, please join our Reddit community.

New enhancements first appear in our beta testing community to ensure the highest quality.

🌟 Early Access Opportunity: Join our beta testing program!

In Progress

  • Mood Tracker & Stats - We're enhancing our mood tracking by separating it from the current Badges system. Although integration with Apple's mood & emotion tracking is not possible at this time, we are focused on making the feature user-friendly and will explore potential integration with Apple Health in the future.


3.0.1: Improved Timeline look

  • We differentiate more clearly between entries for the same day and for different days in the Timeline, and improved the design of entry cells.

3.0.0: Multiple entries & prompts per day πŸ“š

March 2024

Now Diarly supports creating as many entries as you want per day. To go along with this new capability, we've also added the ability to have multiple custom smart prompts to choose from.

2.8.0: Improvements & maintenance βš™οΈ

February 2024

  • Enhanced Weather & Location import speed.
  • Upgraded DayOne Importer with added support for location from Apple Journaling Suggestions and enhanced timezone management.
  • We've given our icons a fresh, modern look!
  • Bug fixes & incremental improvements

2.7.8: Quick find πŸ‘€ and Obsidian importer

January 2024

Quickly locate specific text in your notes: highlight the text and tap "Find selection" or use the CMD-f shortcut on your iPad with a keyboard.

2.7.6: Journaling Suggestions integration πŸͺ„

December 2023

Apple Journaling Suggestions integration (iPhone only): Access personalized topic suggestions by tapping the magic pencil icon above your keyboard during entry editing.

  • New feature for notes: 'Change Date of Entry' is now available in the ... menu, allowing you to adjust dates for your entries easily.
  • Enhanced support for Right-to-Left (RTL) languages
  • Improved PDF/HTML export functionality: We've eliminated the extra space above images in PDF exports and now support table formatting in HTML exports.
  • Upgraded Calendar importer: The color of your calendar is now visible in the configuration list, and we've enhanced the handling of multi-day events.

2.7.3: Historical weather and WordPress importer

December 2023

  • Seamlessly import your content with our new WordPress import feature.
  • Get accurate historical weather information that matches the dates of your notes.
  • Improved Editor: Experience smoother journaling with our refined numbered lists and markdown tables.

2.7.1: Improved Health integration 🩺

November 2023

  • Sleep Time: Automatically records your last night's sleep duration.
  • Menstrual Cycle Tracking: Logs period cycles seamlessly.

2.7.0: Introducing Widgets! πŸ“±

November 2023

  • Quotes Widget: Display favorite quotes from selected journal on your screen.
  • Streak Widget: Track and display your journaling streak.

2.6.17: Stats & trends view πŸ“ˆ

October 2023

Unlock deeper insights into your journaling habits with our revamped Stats. For more details, visit our Statistics Guide.

2.6.15: UI & UX Improvements

September 2023

  • Improved Theme picker
  • Markdown Editor displays attached SVGs as images
  • Tap the journal badge at the top of the editor to easily switch between journals.
  • Tap the title at the top to toggle between timeline and notes.
  • For Mac users: Right-click selected text to turn it into a new note.

2.6.13: Gallery enhancements πŸ–Ό

August 2023

Gain more control over your gallery with personalized navigation and month-based sections.

  • Items in the gallery are now grouped by months, similar to the timeline.
  • Easily hide images: long press on iOS or right-click on Mac.

2.6.11: New themes 🌈

July 2023

Two additional themes are available in free version: Diarly Light, and Diarly Dark

2.6.9: UI revamp & new sidebar 🎨

June 2023

We've put a lot of effort into refreshing Diarly just for you! Our latest update brings a stylish makeover, smoother navigation, and improved search.

Experience a fresh Diarly interface with an improved sidebar, elegant design, and enhanced color scheme.

2.6.6: Improved AI Assistant 🦾

May 2023

With our new 'bio' feature, you can introduce yourself to the AI Assistant. This allows the Assistant to provide personalized suggestions. Check out our new $advice prompt, where the AI Assistant dishes out random advice for your day.

New Importer - Evernote: We've made it even easier to bring your Evernote content into our app. Seamlessly import your notes from Evernote, and continue your journaling journey with us.

2.6.5: Tables in editor πŸ“Š

April 2023

Enhance your entries and notes neatly with new tables, available directly in the editor.

2.6.0: Audio recording improvements πŸŽ™

March 2023

Elevate your entries with audio transcriptions and capture additional metadata like time and location.

Learn how to record, transcribe, and dictate entries and notes

2.5.14: Editor upgrades πŸ“

February 2023

Inserting a link is now more than just text β€” enjoy rich previews from websites, YouTube, and Twitter.

Rich Link Embedding in Diarly

2.5.2: Enhanced images & attachments πŸ“Έ

January 2023

Add captions to your images to make your journal entries both informative and meaningful.

Image Captioning in Diarly

_February 2018

🐣 The initial code for a modern journaling app was written, setting the foundation for what would later become Diarly.