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Stats: Understanding journal metrics and insights

Discover how to effectively utilize Diarly's journal metrics and insights to enhance your journaling practice. This guide will help you understand and use Diarly's features to analyze your journaling habits, set realistic goals, and track your progress.

Explore Metrics and Insights in Diarly

Accessing stats in Diarly

On iPad and Mac:

  1. Select Stats in the sidebar.

On iPhone:

  1. Tap More in the Tab Bar.
  2. Then, choose Stats.

Understanding journal metrics

Journal metrics offer a quick overview of your activities.

Journal Metrics in Diarly
  • Daily entries: Number of journal entries added in the timeline or calendar.
  • Notes: Count of notes created.
  • Attachments: Total of attachments across your journal.

Streak information

Keep track of your writing consistency:

  • Your current active streak.
  • Your longest streak to date.

Missed a day? Fill in past entries using the calendar to maintain your streak.

Word count

See how your journal's word count compares to famous books. Click on a book title for more information about it on Wikipedia.

Analyzing journal trends

Journal trends provide a detailed analysis over time.

Journal Trends in Diarly

Note: Trends are based on entries; notes are not included. Understand the difference between entries and notes.

Words written

Track your word count across different time frames using the interactive graph. Click on days to view entries for that period.

Content breakdown

Pie charts show the daily percentage of notes with moods, tags, images, and quotes.

Completed tasks

See your task completion rates. Click on numbers to view corresponding entries.

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