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Stats: Understanding journal metrics and insights

Diarly's journal metrics and insights empower you to bring focus, intention, and depth to your journaling journey. Leverage these features to set and achieve your writing goals.

Explore Metrics and Insights in Diarly

Unlock the full potential of your journaling experience with Diarly's advanced metrics and insights. This guide will walk you through the key features that help you analyze your journaling habits, set achievable goals, and monitor your progress.

How to open Stats in Diarly

On iPad and Mac, select Stats in the sidebar.

Diarly Sidebar View Calendar

On iPhone, select More from the Tab Bar.

Diarly Tab Bar More

Then, select Stats at the top.

Journal metrics

Metrics provide a snapshot of your activity in the selected journal.

Journal Metrics in Diarly
  • Daily entries: Total number of journal entries added in the timeline or calendar.
  • Notes: Aggregate count of notes created.
  • Attachments: Amount of attachments (files, photos, images, videos) across entries and notes.

Streak information

Stay motivated and track your writing consistency by maintaining an ongoing streak. In this section, you'll find:

  • Your current active streak
  • Your longest streak to date

Missed a day? Use the calendar to backfill entries and keep your streak alive.

Word count

Compare your journal's total word count against that of famous literary classics. Click on the book title to learn more about the respective book on Wikipedia.

Journal trends

Trends show an in-depth analysis of your journaling over time.

Journal Trends in Diarly

Trends are based on journal entries, but notes are excluded since they don't have an associated date. Learn more about the difference between entries and notes.

Words written

View your word count over custom time periods with the interactive graph. Click on specific days to see the entries made during that time.

Content breakdown

Pie charts display the daily percentage of notes with various content types: moods, tags, images, and quotes.

Completed tasks

Monitor your daily task completion rates. Click on numbers to view corresponding entries for each day.

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