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How to integrate Apple's journaling suggestions

Apple's release of version 17.2 introduces an innovative feature for journaling app developers: the ability to incorporate personalized journaling suggestions into your journal entries. This utilizes your activities, photos, and locations to offer customized suggestions, ensuring a private and personalized journaling experience.

📚 Note: This feature is only available for iPhone users.

Adding a journaling suggestion

  1. Begin by tapping the magic pencil icon.
  2. Browse through the personalized suggestions, based on your recent activities, photos, and locations. Select one that resonates with your experiences or thoughts.
  3. The chosen suggestion will automatically populate your journal entry, allowing you to edit or save it as is.

💡 Tip: To save a suggestion for future reference without creating a journal entry, press and hold the suggestion, then select 'Save Without Writing'.

Prioritizing your privacy

Apple has designed this feature with a strong focus on privacy. Your personal data, including the specifics of the suggestions, remains confidential. As developers, we only know when a suggestion is used, not its content. This approach is similar to how photo access is managed, assuring you full control over your shared and utilized information.