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How to use the AI assistant

The AI Assistant, powered by OpenAI, integrates seamlessly with Diarly, offering you a smart way to enrich your journal entries. Whether you're seeking information, brainstorming ideas, or looking for daily inspiration, the AI Assistant is here to help.

Using AI Assistant

Diarly's AI Assistant uses GPT technology from OpenAI, a sophisticated tool capable of understanding and generating human-like text. This means it can interpret your questions or instructions and provide relevant responses or actions.

Accessing Assistant

Using Slash Commands

Open a new or existing journal entry and type the slash command /ask. This will display several options:

  • Ask AI Assistant: Select this to input your question in a new text area. The assistant will respond directly in your journal entry.
  • Daily Affirmation: This option generates random, uplifting affirmations.
  • Advice for Today: PGet a random piece of advice to help guide your day.

Leveraging Daily Prompt

With Diarly, you have the advantage of the AI Assistant's capabilities within daily prompts. For instance, by using a keyword like $affirmation, you can generate fresh, dynamic content every time you create a new note.

Customizing Your AI Interactions

Tailor your AI interactions to your personal tastes and preferences. Here's how to personalize your experience:

  1. Go to Settings > AI Assistant > Brief Personal Info.
  2. Fill in your interests and goals.
  3. Use this information to guide the AI in generating content that resonates with you, such as specific types of affirmations or advice.

Prioritizing Your Privacy

Your privacy is our top priority. Rest assured, no personal or sensitive data is shared with OpenAI or any third parties. Important privacy considerations include:

  • The AI Assistant's access is limited strictly to the questions you ask and the brief personal information you provide.
  • Exercise caution when asking questions: Refrain from including private or sensitive details.
  • Please be mindful that the assistant might produce content that could be considered offensive or harmful. Diarly disclaims responsibility for the content generated by the AI Assistant.

Pricing and Access

The AI Assistant is a premium feature within Diarly. Subscribers are granted weekly credits for its usage, with credit consumption varying according to the length of your queries and the responses from the assistant.

✨ Dive into the world of possibilities with Diarly's AI Assistant! Should you have any queries or require further assistance, we are here to help!