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How to add sketches

Adding sketches to your journal entries in Diarly for iPhone and iPad can make them more personal and visually engaging. This guide provides an easy-to-follow process to help you insert and edit sketches effortlessly.

How to Insert a Sketch

  1. Open the Drawing Tool: While you're writing in your journal, tap the draw icon found above the keyboard. This will open the drawing pad.

  2. Create Your Sketch: You'll see various drawing tools. Feel free to experiment and create your sketch.

  3. Save Your Sketch: After completing your drawing, tap the close icon to save it and return to your journal entry.

How to View and Edit Sketches

Accessing Sketches on All Devices: You can view your sketches on any device where Diarly is installed. However, keep in mind that editing sketches is only possible on the iPhone and iPad.

Sketches in Diarly

How to Resize or Remove a Sketch

  1. Select the Sketch: Tap on the sketch within your journal entry to see image editing options.

  2. Resize Your Sketch: To change the size, simply drag the resize handles found on the sides of the sketch.

More Editing Options: For additional editing options like removing the sketch, tap the menu icon located at the top right corner of the sketch.