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How to add checklists

Creating checklists in your Diarly entries is a great way to organize your thoughts and tasks. Whether you're using a Mac or an iOS device, adding checklists is straightforward and can be done in several user-friendly ways.

How to add checklists

  • Line Modifier: Type [] at the start of a new line. This action automatically transforms your line into a checklist item. This quick action transforms your line into a checklist item, and it works seamlessly on all devices.
  • Keyboard Shortcut: Press ⌘T to instantly add a checklist item.
  • Use the Slash Command: Simply type /todo and hit enter.

On Mac

  • Text Selection: Select the text you want to convert into a checklist and click the checklist icon in the pop-up menu.
  • Line Editor Popup: Click on the left side of the line you want to edit and choose the checklist icon from the menu that appears.
  • Menu Bar Option: Navigate to Format > Checklist in the Menu Bar.

On iOS

  • Checkbox Icon: Tap the checkbox icon above the keyboard to insert a checklist item into your entry.

Completing checklist items

Completing tasks in your checklist is straightforward:

  • Click or tap on the checkbox icon to mark an item as complete.
  • Alternatively, use the shortcut CMD-D on Mac.

Moving uncompleted items to the next day

If you have tasks that weren't completed, Diarly can automatically transfer them to your next entry. To enable this feature, type $uncompleted_tasks into a daily prompt. This function helps you keep track of ongoing tasks without manual re-entry.

Importing events from your calendar

Diarly can also import events from your calendar as checklist items. By typing $calendar into a prompt, you can set up the app to automatically insert your upcoming events into your entry using the "To-do" template. This integration ensures you don't miss out on any important events.

By incorporating these steps, you can significantly enhance your journaling experience in Diarly. Checklists offer an easy way to manage your tasks and ideas, whether you're working on a Mac or using an iOS device.