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How to add images, videos, and files

Adding multimedia elements like images, videos, and files to your Diarly entries can significantly enhance your journaling experience. This guide offers simple, step-by-step instructions for both Mac and iOS users, ensuring a seamless integration of multimedia into your diary. Diarly allows attaching unlimited items in its free version.

How to add media to your entries

You can add various types of media to your journal entries in Diarly. Here are the methods available:

Universal methods:

  • Slash command: Type /insert image in Diarly to add an image using a slash command.
  • Drag and drop: Simply drag an image or video into the editor from your computer or other applications.
  • Copy-paste method: Copy an image from another app and paste it directly into your entry.
  • Photo picker: Use the gallery view and tap the icon to select photos.
  • Share extension: Attach files from other apps using the share extension. For guidance, refer to Apple's User Guides.

On Mac:

  • Menu bar option: Go to Format > Insert > File (⇧⌘V) to choose and add a file.
  • Take photo feature: Right-click in the editor and select Take Photo to capture an image with a nearby iPhone or iPad.

On iOS:

  • Toolbar attachment: Tap the image icon in the keyboard toolbar while editing an entry.
  • Quick photo capture: Long-press the app icon and select 'Take a Picture'.

Interacting with attachments

  • Adjust the size using the resize handles on either side of an image.
  • Tap the menu icon in the top right of an attachment for options like editing, adding captions, or removing it.

iCloud sync & privacy

Diarly syncs your attachments in iCloud, updating them automatically when changes are made. If edits occur on multiple devices simultaneously, only the most recent version is saved. We recommend not attaching large files as they might affect syncing speed. Please note that while Diarly encrypts your notes, attachments are not encrypted.

Configuring settings

  • Auto play for GIFs: Inserted GIFs play automatically by default. Disable this in Settings > Other Options > Auto play GIFs.
  • Automatic location insertion: When adding a single photo, Diarly can insert its location. Turn this off in Settings > Other Options.

Inserting links instead of attachments

Pasting a link to an online image allows Diarly to insert a preview of the file without adding it to your diary.

Creating inline galleries

Easily organize your images by creating inline galleries. Drag an image onto another to form a gallery, which is also created automatically when importing multiple images at once.


Incorporating multimedia into your diary entries adds depth and personalization to your digital journal. For further creative expression, explore options like audio recordings and drawing sketches.