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How to export journals

Diarly supports the following export options:

  • Markdown (Can be used for backups as it can be later imported)
  • PDF
  • Rich Text
  • Printing

You can export all your journals from the Menu Bar, under File > Export and choosing the exporter.

Markdown Exporter

Exports a zip file containing .md files, with images. Markdown is a widely used format for modern Blog and writing apps.

The file structure of Markdown exporter:

  > Journal Name
    > Year (e.g 2020)
      > Data
      - DD-MM-YYYY.md
  • Data contains all images, files, and attachments used in the journal.
  • DD-MM-YYYY.md contains the plain text entry for the given day.

When a note doesn't have a date, it will be exported as {UUID}.md.

Exporting only selected entries

On Mac, you can select entries or notes in the timeline view (select multiple by holding shift) and then right-click to export them:

Diary - Exporting Selected Notes