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On Mac you can find the settings dialog in Menu Bar > Diarly > Preferences or by using ⌘,.

For example, you can change the text of a new entry template, set the writing word count goal, manage the Notifications sent by app and more.

Diary Mac Settings

On iPhone and iPad settings are located in bottom of the list view:

Diary iPad settings

If you have the Premium Version, there will be additional options available:

  • iCloud syncing — you will be able to sync your entries with other devices using your iCloud account.
  • Encryption — you will be able to encrypt all your entries so the password will be required to read them.
  • Multiple Journals — you will be able to create more journals, each journal will have its own template for a new entry.


The app allows you to select one of the numerous fonts, as well as, edit the font size and line width. If you have a full version of the app, you can choose one of the custom themes provided in the app, as well as, create your own theme.

Diarly Appearance Configuration

List Configuration

You can configure the display of the list view.

Diarly List View Settings