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Linking Between Entries

In Diarly, linking between entries and notes is a seamless process, allowing you to create a well-connected journal.

Creating links with wikilinks format

To create a link:

  1. Type [[ to begin. This triggers an autocomplete feature showing your recent entries.
  2. Enter a note name or date to search for your desired entry.
  3. Press Enter to create the link.

The text in the link will automatically update if you change the title of the linked note.

Note: This is an internal link format, and as such can not be used in other Mac & iOS apps.

Linking by Typing Dates

On the Mac version of Diarly:

  1. Type a date in your entry.
  2. Diarly will recognize this and suggest creating a link.

Copying and Pasting Links

You can also create links by copying them directly from the Timeline:

  • On Mac: Right-click on the entry and select Copy Link.... You can then paste this link into your entry.
  • On iOS: Swipe left on the entry and choose More > Copy Link.... Paste this link in your entry.

After adding a date link to your entry, simply click on it to navigate to the associated entry.

Links created in this manner are compatible with other Mac & iOS apps. For example, you can insert an entry link into your reminders app, and clicking it will open Diarly to that specific entry.