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List View

The search allows you to search through all your notes across all journals. It supports tags and special keywords. You can find out more about the advanced search options.

Next to it, you can select which journal you want to open. Multiple journals are available to Diarly Premium users.

In the list view, you'll find the timeline with all your entries for the selected journal. Some key features of each entry are shown, like attached images, tags, and the topmost content (title, text, tasks).

Alternatively, you can select the notes, where you can store information without a specific date, like ideas, projects, recipes, lists, or whatever you can think of.

On the left, you will find the filter which can be used to filter the current journal and find relevant notes easily.

  • Starred — shows notes with a mood attached.
  • Containing Photos — shows notes with attached photos.
  • On This Day — shows notes written on the same day of the year as today.
  • With Uncompleted Tasks — shows notes that have uncompleted tasks.

The filter also shows all your tags, so you can find related content.

On the right, the new entry will create a new entry for today. If an entry already exists, it will add to it a time separator with the current time.