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How to add an inline gallery

Inline galleries are a fantastic way to display multiple images within a single entry, offering a visually engaging way to enrich your journaling experience.

How to create a gallery

  • Importing Multiple Images: When you drag and drop several images into an entry at once, Diarly automatically creates a gallery for you.
  • Combining Individual Images: Want to create a gallery from just a few images? Simply drag and drop them onto each other. A line indicator will show you where the image will be placed, making it easy to organize your gallery just the way you want it.

Managing your galleries

  • Reordering Images: If you'd like to change the order of images in your gallery, just drag an image to its new position. The rest of the gallery will adjust automatically.
  • Removing Images from Galleries: To take an image out of a gallery, drag it outside of the gallery area. This lets you easily move images between different parts of your entry or even to different entries.

Adding captions to galleries

Just like with single attachment, you can add captions to your galleries for additional context or commentary. Click on the ... icon associated with the gallery and select Add Caption to include your text. This feature enhances the storytelling aspect of your visual entries.