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Interface Overview


The main interface of the app is divided into List View, Toolbar and Menu Bar shown below

Diarly Interface

List View

List view contains two sections, Timeline, with notes created for you automatically every day. This is where you can track your daily activity and progress. With the other section,Notes, you can store information to which you can have access at any time.

In this section, you also have a filter that is applied to the current journal and a search option across the app.

There are some built-in filters such as:

  • Starred - shows only notes marked with a star
  • Containing Photos - shows only notes with attached photos
  • On This Day - shows only notes on the same day of the year as today
  • With Uncompleted Tasks - shows only notes that have uncompleted tasks

Filter also shows all your tags, which you can create by simply starting a word with '#' anywhere in your note text.

Search allows you to find notes across all your journals, it supports tags and also special keywords. You can read more about this under advanced search options


Calendar allows you to easily navigate between your notes across the Timeline. You can also see on which days you had been journaling. If you select the day with no entry, the note is created for you automatically and you can simply start writing.

Diary - Calendar View

Map View

You can use Map View to easily find the notes you have previously tagged with a location.

Diary - Map View

There are multiple ways for adding the location into your entries:

  • Adding a link from Google maps

  • Going into Menu Bar > Format > Insert Location. Then Pick Location (cmd - shift - L) will show you Map picker, Insert Location (cmd - L) that will insert your current coordinates.

  • Inserting Image which is geotagged - Diarly will try to read the geolocation of every image and insert it with the image


Editor is the most advanced part of Diarly. It allows you to write your entries in plain text and have them formatted immediately. We have created a separate articles about it Writing on Mac and Writing on iPhone/iPad

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