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Interface overview



The main interface of the app is divided into the menu bar, the toolbar, the list view, and the editor shown below.

Diarly Interface

List View

List view contains two sections:

  • The timeline, with notes created for you automatically every day you log. This is where you can track your daily activities, thoughts, and progress.
  • The notes, where you can store information without a specific date, like ideas, recipes, or projects.


The filter can be used to filter the current journal and find relevant notes easily.

  • Starred — shows only notes marked with a star.
  • Containing Photos — shows only notes with attached photos.
  • On This Day — shows only notes written on the same day of the year as today.
  • With Uncompleted Tasks — shows only notes that have uncompleted tasks.

The filter also shows all your tags, so you can find related content. Learn more about using tags.


Atop, you also have the search — which will search through all your notes across all journals. It supports tags and also special keywords. You can find out more about the advanced search options.

Calendar View

The Calendar allows you to swiftly navigate between your notes across the timeline. Here you can see which days you have been journaling. If you select a day with no entry, the note is created for you automatically and you can simply start writing.

Diary - Calendar View

  • Today is identified by a strong colored background behind the date. The color depends on the currently selected theme.
  • Days in which you have journaled are identified by a soft colored background behind the date. The color depends on the currently selected theme.
  • The currently opened entry is shown by a dot under the associated date.
  • Days that have been starred in the list view show a star next to the date.

Navigate through months by scrolling up or down, and navigate through years with the arrows next to the year at the top left corner.

Map View

You can use the Map View to quickly find the notes you have previously tagged with a location.

Diary - Map View

There are multiple ways for adding the location into your entries:

  • Add a link from Google maps
  • Go into Menu Bar > Format > Insert Location.
    • Pick Location will allow you to select a location.
    • Current Location (⌃ L, control + L) will insert the current location.
  • Insert an image which is geotagged. Diarly will read the geolocation and insert it.


The editor is the most advanced part of Diarly. It allows you to write your entries in plain text and have them formatted immediately. Learn more about writing on Mac and writing on iPhone / iPad.

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