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Interface overview

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The main interface of the app is divided into the menu bar, the toolbar, the list view, and the editor, as shown below.

Diarly Interface

Here we will discuss the menu bar and toolbar. Learn more about the list view and the editor.

Menu Bar

Menu Bar

Like most other apps, the menu bar is where you'll find most options and settings. Most notably, under Diarly > Preferences… (⌘,) you will find the App Settings.



Here you'll find a few handy tools for your journaling needs.

On the left side:

In the center area:

  • You will find the date of the currently opened entry.
  • The left and right icons will go to the previous and next day's entries, respectively. If the entry doesn't exist, it will be created automatically.

On the right side:

  • The information will show information about the entry currently open.
  • Last but not least, the three dots will show more options to edit the current entry.
    • Change the appearance with styling options.
    • Copy the link, to link between notes.
    • Move to a different journal (multiple journals available to Diarly Premium users).
    • Delete entry
    • Export to Markdown or PDF
    • Print entry


Learn more about this in the list view guide.

List View


How to add images
How to add checklists