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Syncing issues

Experiencing difficulties with sync in Diarly? Follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve common syncing issues.

Check your setup

Before diving into specific solutions, let's ensure your basic setup is correct:

  • Be Patient with Large Updates: If you've recently imported many files or added multiple images, videos, or other files to an entry, sync might take several minutes. Patience is key.
  • Consistent iCloud Account: Verify that you're using the same iCloud account across all devices you wish to sync with.
  • iCloud Drive Access: Ensure iCloud Drive is enabled and Diarly has the necessary permissions. For guidance, visit Apple's iCloud Drive setup instructions.
  • Enough iCloud Storage: It's crucial to have sufficient free space in your iCloud for seamless syncing and storage. The free version of iCloud offers limited storage, so regular checks are beneficial. For guidance on how to check your iCloud storage on any device and manage it effectively, visit: Apple's Checking iCloud Storage.

Initiate sync manually

If automatic syncing isn't working, you can try to start the process manually:

  • On Mac: Press ⌘R or select File > Sync from the Menu Bar.
  • On iOS: Pull down the timeline view (like a refresh gesture).

Manual sync will provide updates on progress, and if an error occurs, it will display a specific message.

To check the status of the last successful sync, go to Settings and look under Sync.

Still not syncing?

If the sync starts but doesn't complete, consider the following:

  • Check Internet Connection: Ensure your device has a stable internet connection.
  • Restart Diarly: Close and reopen the app, then attempt to sync again.
  • iCloud Service Status: Sometimes, iCloud services may be down. If so, waiting a few hours may be necessary.

If you receive no error message but your data isn't syncing, keep the app open for a few minutes longer and try syncing again.

Advanced troubleshooting

For persistent sync issues:

  • Enable Extra Logging: Go to [Settings](/help/settings/) > Sync and enable extra logging for iCloud. After restarting Diarly, additional logs will help identify the problem.
  • Send Us Logs: If sync issues continue after 24 hours, send us the application logs for further assistance.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve most sync issues with Diarly. Remember, a stable internet connection and correct iCloud settings are key to successful syncing.