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Diarly comes packed with dozens of themes, both light and dark. And if that's not enough, you can create your own themes on Mac.

The free version includes a light and a dark theme. More themes are only available to Diarly Premium users.

Select your favorite theme from the light and dark styles. Enabling Auto will make Diarly follow the same theme as the device.

Diarly Theme Selector

On iOS, find the appearance settings by tapping on More in the tab switcher.

Tab Switcher More

Then, under Personalize, select Editor & Themes.

Creating a custom theme

Creating or modifying themes is only available on Diarly for Mac. We have embedded a small tutorial into the app.

  1. You can drag and drop the current theme from the style picker, or click on export icon to save given theme to CSS.
  2. This file can be modified to your liking.
  3. When you are done editing, drag and drop the theme back to the style picker.

You can customize all colors used in text editor and more. For example:

  • Set different color for each header style h1-color
  • Set different style for list .list
  • Modify size of text in list view list-text-size

If you create your own theme and would like to share it with others, please contact us and we will include it in the app!

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