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The Gallery view allows you to see all the images you've added to your journal in one place. It's a great way to look back through time visually, with images and videos.

Diarly Toolbar Mac

To open the Gallery view, click on the picture icon in the toolbar — the third icon from the left.

Once in the Gallery view, you'll see all the images you have added to the active journal.

Gallery view on Diarly for Mac

Hover over the images to see the date they were added.

You can select a different journal from the dropdown in the top right corner.

Click on an image to open the image view.

Gallery image view on Diarly for Mac

Here, you can click on the image to toggle the diary view: Click once to see the image in full size, and click again see the note associated with it on the right side.

On the top area, you will find the date and journal, as well as navigation arrows to move to the previous and next image. On the right side, the gallery icon will take you back to the gallery view. Next to it, the edit icon will open the related entry in the editor view.

Keyboard shortcuts