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On iPad and Mac, select Map in the sidebar.

Diarly Sidebar View Map

On iPhone, select Map in the Tab Bar.

Diarly Tab Bar Map

Map view

On the Map view you can quickly find all the entries and notes which contain a location.

Diary - Map View

How to add a location to an entry

Menu and Keyboard shortcut

From the Menu Bar, go to Format > Insert Location.

  • Pick Location will allow you to select a location.
  • Current Location (⌃L or control + L) will insert the current location.
  • Auto-completion: start typing /location to insert current location anywhere in the text.

Using an image

Insert an image that is geotagged (for example, a photo taken on iPhone or iPad). Diarly will read the geolocation, and insert the location along with the image. You can disable this behaviour in the settings.

From Google Maps

Copy a location link form Google Maps, and paste it directly into your entry.