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How to track your sleep

Diarly seamlessly syncs with the Apple Health App. To start tracking your sleep data in Diarly, you need to authorize the app to access your Health data. If you initially declined this access, you can modify your preferences anytime (Apple Guide). Apple Health integration is currently available only on iOS and iPadOS devices. If you create a note on a device that does not support this feature, Diarly will insert a 📲 emoji as a placeholder. This indicates that you need to open the app on a supported device (iOS or iPadOS) to fetch the latest sleep data.

Enabling sleep tracking

  1. Open Diarly and navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Prompts and then tap on Import from Health App.
  3. Choose Sleep Time.

You can use the Preview option to verify the prompt setup.

Understanding sleep data representation

  • Apple Watch Data: If worn during sleep, Diarly will display the sleep time with a 😴 emoji and the actual sleep duration.
  • Time in Bed: In the absence of Apple Watch data, Diarly shows the time spent in bed, marked with a 🛌 emoji.

Manually logging sleep time

Prefer to log sleep time manually? Simply use the /sleep slash command to insert your sleep duration.

Remember, tracking sleep can help you understand your sleep patterns and contribute to better sleep habits. Got ideas for enhancing your sleep tracking experience? We'd love to hear from you!