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How to use hashtags

In Diarly, you can add or create a tag by adding # at the beginning of a word. For example, you can add #memories or #family into a day's entry.

To add spaces inside a tag, like for multi word tags, use following format: #Tag With Space#.

On Mac, you can select multiple entries or notes in the list view by holding shift, and right-click to add or remove tags.

Editing tags

  • On Mac, go to Settings from the Menu Bar under Diarly > Preferences or by using the keyboard shortcut ⌘,. Then, open Tags.
  • On iPhone and iPad, open the Settings with the tab switcher, under More. Then, open Tags.

Here you can rename and change the colors of tags. You can also find all entries and notes that contain a tag.

Editing tags Editing tags

Searching & Filtering

Every time you add a new tag, Diarly will update the filters and suggestions, so that you can search and filter by the newly created tags. If you click on a tag, it will automatically show you all the entries and notes that contain it. Learn more about search in our article about advanced search options.

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