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How to use hashtags

Hashtags in Diarly offer a simple yet effective way to categorize and find your journal entries. By adding a # before a word, you create a tag that helps in organizing entries by themes or topics.

How to add hashtags

Adding a hashtag to your entry is straightforward:

  1. Start by typing # followed by a word or phrase. For instance, #memories or #family.
  2. For tags with multiple words, encase the entire phrase with #, like #Tag With Space#.

Managing hashtags on Mac and iOS

Diarly allows you to manage your hashtags on both Mac and iOS devices with ease:

  • On your device, navigate to Settings, then tap the Tags icon .

Here, you can rename tags, change their colors, and view all entries associated with a specific tag.

Managing tags for multiple entries on Mac:

  1. In the list view, hold the Shift key to select the entries.
  2. Right-click to add or remove tags.

Searching and filtering with hashtags

Diarly dynamically updates its filter and suggestion system every time you add a new tag. This makes searching and filtering your entries by tags effortless.

  • To locate entries with a specific tag, just click on the tag. Diarly will display all entries containing that hashtag.
  • For advanced search techniques, refer to our advanced search options guide.