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Searching in Diarly

Diarly's search feature empowers you to seamlessly navigate through all your journals.

Accessing search

You can access the advanced search feature in Diarly by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the top left corner of the sidebar.
  2. Look for the magnifying glass icon, which represents the search function.

Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut cmd-shift-f to quickly activate the search bar.

Modifying sort order (Mac & iPad only)

Diarly offers you the flexibility to modify the sort order of your search results. By default, search results are sorted based on relevance. However, you can change this to suit your preferences. Here are the available sort options:

  • By the Date: This sorts notes based on the note date, newest notes appear first.
  • Last Modified At: Notes are arranged in their last modification date.
  • Oldest First: This option displays the oldest notes first.

Finding archived notes

Search function also works as an archive tool. To locate archived notes, simply follow these steps:

  1. Type the keyword @archived in the search bar.
  2. Alternatively, select the "Archived" filter from the list of available filters.

This will display all your archived notes. You can further refine your search results by specifying a time range or selecting a specific journal.

Special keywords

Diarly supports a variety of special keywords to enhance your search experience. These keywords help you filter your notes effectively. Here are some useful ones:

  • @archived: Displays only archived notes.
  • @files: Shows entries with at least one attached file (excluding images).
  • @images: Filters entries with at least one image attachment.
  • @todo: Highlights entries containing uncompleted tasks.
  • @starred: Shows entries with an emoji selected, as seen in the mood tracker.
  • @links: Filters entries that contain web links.
  • @note: Shows all notes in all journals, excluding timeline entries.
  • @tagged: Displays entries with at least one tag.
  • @untagged: Shows entries without any tags.
  • @onThisDay: Highlights timeline entries written on the same day in different years or notes created on the same day in different years.
  • @date(2020): Filters entries from the year 2020.
  • @date(01-2020): Narrows down entries from January 2020.
  • @date.from(2010) @date.to(2020): Shows entries from the start of 2010 to the end of 2020.

Filtering by journal

If you want to narrow your search to a specific journal, Diarly makes it easy. Just start typing / in the search bar, and Diarly will display suggestions with all available journals for you to choose from.

Using quotes for exact match

When your search includes multiple words, like "wonderful Monday morning," the results will include entries that have all those words, not necessarily in the exact order. To find an exact phrase, enclose it in double quotes (""), like so: "wonderful Monday morning". With this search, only entries containing the precise phrase will be matched.

Explore the power of advanced search in Diarly to quickly locate your notes and enhance your journaling experience!