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Calendar view

Diarly's calendar view is an intuitive feature that lets you navigate your journal entries over time. It helps you track your writing habits and mood patterns, making it easy to reflect on your personal journey.

Understanding the calendar view

  • Days with entries: Days you've journaled are marked with a colored background, which varies based on the selected theme.
  • Today's date: Highlighted with a strong colored background for easy identification.
  • Current entry indicator: A dot under the date shows the entry you're currently viewing.
  • Mood tracker: When using the mood tracker, the assigned emoji is displayed next to the date.
Diary - Calendar view

Creating a new entry is simple. Click on a day without an entry, and a new entry is automatically generated for you to start writing.

Navigating the calendar

  • Scroll to move through months.
  • Use the arrows next to the year for browsing different years.

Accessing the calendar view

  • On iPad and Mac: Click on the Calendar icon in the sidebar.
  • On iPhone: Tap the Calendar icon in the tab bar.
  • Quick access: Click the date at the top of the editor for a fast view of the calendar.

The calendar view in Diarly enhances your journaling experience by providing a visual timeline of your entries and moods.