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Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Effortless journaling awaits

Unlock the best journaling experience with Diarly.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone
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Relive your memories

Explore your past adventures with our built-in gallery and map views.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Well thought out

This is a very well thought out app for journalling. I've used another online journalling app for the past few years. While it is good, I'm very impressed with the attention to the details that I'm finding in this app. Very happy and am now switching over.

by XzozoJun 3, 2024

Definitely Recommend!

This app allows me to express how I feel and it makes life just better! It's a healthy way I express myself and I love this app! Would recommend to anyone thats working on self growth and awareness.

by SophiayeahhMay 20, 2024

Effectively organized, easily accessible

Seamlessly navigate through time with our timeline, notes, and calendar views.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Express yourself freely and uniquely

Personalize your journals with a vast selection of themes, fonts, and custom daily prompts.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Develop your journaling habit

Monitor your writing progress with our insightful statistics.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Your journal, anytime, anywhere

Stay connected to your journals with Diarly's apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

A distraction-free writing haven

Immerse yourself in a minimalistic interface and built-in Markdown editor for focused writing.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Streamline and nice

I'm not really the type of person to write, but having this app and being able to clear the prompt (or use it every now and then) and just write everything down has really helped me with a lot of the things troubling me recently. Genuinely glad I found this app

by jrgefigueroaApr 16, 2024


I can't believe how good this app is. Not only will I use it for my journal, but I could use it as my main writing app too! It's that good. I honestly don't know how the app could be improved. I'm very impressed.

by Pajama SuperflyApr 6, 2024

Unleash your creativity

Enrich your journals with multimedia elements, including photos, galleries, videos, files, emojis, links, map locations, vibrant tags, mood tracking, and much more.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Guard your precious memories

Protect your personal moments with robust encryption and password security. Utilize biometric unlocking on compatible devices.

Diarly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Features at a glance

  • Compose your diary entries on iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple Watch.
  • Write in plain text using the advanced Markdown editor.
  • Watch your daily progression with Mood Tracker.
  • Protect your thoughts and ideas with powerful Encryption and Password Protection.
  • Switch seamlessly between devices securely with Sync via iCloud.
  • Import existing journals or texts from other apps.
  • Label your thoughts with colorful Tags.
  • Stay on top of it all with time-based diary and content-based notes in the same journal.
  • Achieve your objectives through time using Writing Goals.
  • Track your progress with insightful Stats.
  • Export and Backup your entries safely.
  • Unravel different areas of your life with Multiple Journals.
  • Establish a powerful habit with Custom Notifications.
  • Customize your journaling experience with dozens of light and dark Themes.
  • Personalize reading and writing with powerful text formatting.
  • Stay centered by enabling Typewriting mode.
  • Travel through time with the Calendar view.
  • Follow your experiences by looking at the Map view.
  • Scroll over your memories on the Timeline view.
  • Keep an eye on your adventures with the Gallery view.
  • Narrate your story with Audio Recordings.
  • Find everything with the robust Advanced Search.