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Creating new entries

What is an entry?

An entry is the text related to any given day. On both the free and the premium versions, you have access to unlimited entries per journal.

How to create an entry

When you open Diarly on Mac and on iOS, a new entry will be created for you automatically with today's date. This allows you to just open the app and start typing.

If you want to add an entry for a different day, you can click or tap on the calendar icon to open the calendar view. When you select an empty day, a new entry is created for that day.

You can click or tap on the edit icon in the list view, or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘N, to create a new entry for today with the daily prompt. If an entry for today already exists, the same icon and shortcut will insert a time separator at the end of the entry.

You can also use ⌘⇧N to insert your daily prompt in any opened entry.

How to delete an entry

If an entry is empty and you naviate to a different day, the entry will be deleted automatically. Alternatively, you can manually delete an entry, but be careful: once deleted, it cannot be recovered.

On Mac

On the list view, right-click on the entry and select Delete. You will be asked to confirm if you really want to delete the entry.

On iOS

On the list view, swipe left on the entry you want to delete, and select Delete. You will be asked to confirm to delete the entry.

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