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Creating new entries


When you open Diarly, a new daily entry will be created for you automatically with today's date. This allows you to just open the app and start writing.

If you have automatic prompts enabled, the new entry created will contain the prompt.

A different day

You can use the calendar view to create an entry for any day, future or past. Open the calendar and select a day. If an entry already exists, it will be opened; if it doesn't exist, it will be created.

When you have an open entry, you can also navigate to previous or next day.

  • On iOS, you can move through days by swiping left or right.
  • On Mac, you can move through days by clicking on the left and right icons located in the toolbar.

New Note button

The New Note button is an alternative way to create an entry. It allows you to create a new note or daily entry. If you are in the timeline view and you already have an entry, it will append a new timed section. If you don't have automatic prompts enabled, this will insert the prompt manually.

Click or tap on the big plus button at the bottom right of the timeline.